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Artwork Specification 

We can accept many types of artwork formats.
Unless Stated all screen & embroidery origination is not included in any prices shown and will be charged extra.
Artwork in PC Format
These are the programmes in which we accept artwork for PC
Adobe Illustrator 10 / CS2 / EPS / PDF
All artwork needs to be supplied as a vector graphic image to ensure a high quality print. We will accept Tiff files provided they are good quality and have a high resolution.
All Artwork for Laser Engraving needs to be supplied as a Vector Graphic
Please note we can not use Colour Tiffs, Jpeg’s or Gif’s (they would need to be converted to a vector graphic)
How to send artwork and additional charges
You can email us artwork or burn it onto CD (please include all fonts and other files used to create your artwork), If you can’t send artwork in a digital format it is sometimes possible for us to scan a bromide or letterhead. Faxes and photocopies are not good enough to use as they can tend to be poor in quality resulting in a poor quality print. Standard type setting carries no charge though some amendments to artwork could add an additional charge.
General Terms
Vector Graphics     Graphic images drawn in shapes and lines, called paths. Images created in Illustrator and Freehand (graphic design software) are vector graphics. These images can be reduced or enlarged without any loss of image definition or information.